How Do I File an Appeal with IHSS?

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) can be very helpful if you live in California and are struggling financially to raise a child who has autism, Down syndrome, or another type of developmental disability. This program in California can allow you to be paid up to $3,000 a month as your child’s caregiver. But what if you’ve applied and have been denied IHSS? How do you file an appeal with IHSS?

In-Home Supportive Services

IHSS stands for In-Home Supportive Services. It provides financial assistance to adults and children with developmental disabilities so they can remain at home safely.

For caretakers, including parents of children with autism, Down syndrome, and other developmental disabilities, Protective Supervision, part of the IHSS program, can provide payments every month so you can stay home and properly care for your child.

However, the application process is lengthy, and can be frustrating and confusing. For those who are trying to receive benefits for IHSS, a denial can be stressful.

How to file an appeal with IHSS

When you are denied IHSS and want to appeal the decision, you will receive a hearing date in the mail, as well as a letter from an Appeals Officer for the county you live in. Here are the steps to file an appeal:

If this process sounds overwhelming and you feel you need help, you can always reach out to us. Our advocates can lead you through everything, as well as attend the hearing with you.

American Advocacy Group is on the front lines every day, making positive change happen for people diagnosed with Autism, Down syndrome, and a range of diagnoses across the continuum. As a leading advocate for all people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families, and the premier provider of the support and services people want and need, we understand the system and know how to take action in regard to your best interests.


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